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  • Cloud Vapes takes 1st at The 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino!

    The 2013 Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino is where CloudV Enterprises won its first Cannabis Cup Award, taking 3rd place. The 2014 Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino is where CloudV Enterprises won its fifth Cannabis Cup Award. But not just any award, FIRST PLACE! The event was nothing short of a spectacle with over 10,000 people in attendance over the 2 days and well over 200 vendors!

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  • Cloud Vapes Takes 2nd Place in Amsterdam!

    The Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam has a rich history and is full of tradition. The event was nothing short of a spectacle and lived up to all the hype. Most importantly, CloudV Enterprises came home with 2nd Place in the Best Product category for the Cloud Vaporizer Pen. This marks the 4th time since February 2013 that CloudV has been recognized by High Times Magazine at a Cannabis Cup for the Cloud Vaporizer Pen!


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  • CloudV Introduces the ASA Cloud Vaporizer

    ASA-Cloud-Vape-Pen-Product-Graphis-square-300x300Get your limited edition ASA Cloud Vaporizer pen and support
    Medical Cannabis RIGHT HERE

    ASA was founded in 2002, with the purpose of building a strong grassroots movement to protect patients and their rights to safe and legal access. With over 50,000 members, ASA has worked across the country to effect change on the local, state and federal level. As a result ASA has shifted the national debate of medical cannabis to the real concerns of patients: legal access to medicine and patients’ civil rights. Help ASA continue the fight for safe and legal access by purchasing the ASA Cloud Vaporizer Pen. A portion of the proceeds raised from the sale of the ASA Cloud Vaporizer pen will go to promote the work of Americans for Safe Access. Become a member today!

  • CloudV Enterprises Releases Cloud Platinum

    platinum3-300x300The Cloud Platinum is finally here! After much anticipation from users all over the world, Cloud has finally announced the launch of its new product 'The CloudV Platinum'. The Platinum offers users several new features that the original Cloud did not, including:

    • A stronger battery

    • Faster charge time

    • Customized Lightning Atomizer

    • Window in the mouthpiece

    • Removable mouthpiece tip

    • A new slim design

    Get your own CloudV Platinum right HERE!

  • CloudV Rocks The High Times US Cannabis Cup in Seattle

    This was the 2nd time in history that High Times was able to host the world renowned Cannabis Cup in the United States. With over 15,000 people in attendance and perfect weather, CloudV rocked the event!

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  • Cloud Vapes Takes 2nd Place In San Francisco!

    The Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco was nothing short of a spectacle! The event was beyond incredible and CloudV Enterprises came home with 2nd Place in the Best Product category for the Cloud Vaporizer Pen. This marks the third time in 5 months that CloudV was recognized by High Times Magazine for our superior product, the Cloud Vaporizer Pen.

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  • CloudV Enterprises Introduces The Cloud Lightning Atomizer

    atomizer-collage-300x300Some would say that the most important part of a mini vaporizer is the heating element or 'atomizer' since it is the only piece that actually handles and delivers the product to its user. This is why it is so important to have a high quality, long lasting, durable atomizer. The Cloud Lightning is all of those things combined into one with the addition of an extremely tight, powerful coil. Most heating elements only wrap the coil around their fiber wick 5-7 times, the Cloud Lightning wraps around the fiber wick an incredible 9 times! What does this mean for you? The answer is simple, BIGGER HITS. If you're the type of person who doesn't like bigger hits, then the Cloud Lightning Atomizer is certainly not for you. For everyone else, get yours HERE.

  • Cloud Vapes Takes 3rd At 1st Annual High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup!

    This was the 1st time in history that High Times was able to host the world renowned Cannabis Cup in the United States. The event was beyond incredible and CloudV Enterprises came home with 3rd Place in the Best Product category for the Cloud Pen. This marks the second time in 2 months that CloudV was recognized by High Times Magazine for our superior product, the Cloud Pen.

    Screen-shot-2013-04-23-at-1.11.31-PM-300x199 Screen-shot-2013-04-23-at-1.12.03-PM-300x199 Screen-shot-2013-04-23-at-1.12.30-PM-300x199 Screen-shot-2013-04-23-at-1.12.53-PM1-300x194 Screen-shot-2013-04-23-at-1.13.10-PM-300x199 Screen-shot-2013-04-23-at-1.13.28-PM-300x199 Screen-shot-2013-04-23-at-1.13.45-PM-300x198

  • Cloud Vapes Takes 3rd At The 2nd Annual High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

    Screen-shot-2013-04-10-at-12.15.53-PM-300x244 The Cloud Girls working hard!
    Screen-shot-2013-04-10-at-12.14.02-PM-300x298 The Hardware!
    Screen-shot-2013-04-10-at-12.27.11-PM Some fresh Cloud Vape merch!
    Screen-shot-2013-04-10-at-12.16.36-PM-300x293 Cloud Girls The Cloud Girls repping Cloud Vapes at our table.
  • Why Should You Use a Cloud Vaporizer Pen to Vaporize?

    Rainbow-Colors-CLOUD-300x187Whenever people hear the word vaporizer, the first thought that always goes through their head is, “That sounds dangerous!” or “What is vaporizing?”

    Well, we’re here to assure you that vaporizing is not at all dangerous and that it is a beautiful alternative to smoking (burning). The process involves placing your product (essential oils) on your Cloud Vaporizer Pen heating coil and allowing the heat to release the active constituents while you inhale. The benefits of vaporizing with a Cloud Vaporizer Pen are undeniable for your health and the way you consume your product.

    Vaporizing with a Cloud will prevent you from inhaling many irritating and toxic carcinogenic by-products that you would typically inhale from smoking (burning). Many of the toxic gasses you inhale while smoking including: carbon monoxide, ammonia and hydrogen cyanide are completely eliminated through the vaporizing process. This is great news because vaporizing prevents the body from accumulating these harmful compounds.

    When you smoke, your product is immediately burned at an extremely high temperature, this high-temperature smoke can and will damage the lining of your throat and your lung tissue. When you use a Cloud, your product will vaporize at a much lower temperature giving you a smooth, less damaging hit. Trust us, your lungs and throat will thank you for ‘vaping’ with a Cloud Vaporizer Pen!

    What Makes a Cloud Different?

     The First Mini Vaporizer

     Mini vaporizers are currently one of the fastest growing markets in the entire vaporizer industry. People want to vape on the go and they want to do so discreetly. CloudV was the first self-loading mini vaporizer on the market and other companies are now scrambling to release their own mini pen. Being the first of course means having copy-cats. Our product has been reproduced several times with the same look and feel but never the same quality. You can see the difference in the materials used on certain parts. For example, our atomizers are made of ceramic and steel. Many of the other companies that produce mini pens choose to use plastic in their atomizers, this can be harmful to consumers as the plastic has a propensity to melt and they can inhale toxic carcinogens from these plastic parts.

    Lifetime Warranty

    We offer a lifetime warranty on our batteries. That means if your battery fails you can exchange it for a brand new one of the same color at no additional cost. The process is simple and allows customers to get the product that they paid for. We are able to offer a program like this because our Lithium Ion battery is an extremely high quality and durable piece of technology. Less than 2% of our customers have actually had to utilize their lifetime warranty.

    Award Winning

    High Times Magazine recently recognized our product in the Best Product category at two consecutive Medical Cannabis Cups. These awards have set us apart from the rest of our industry as the most decorated mini vaporizer on the market.

    Thousands of Satisfied Customers

    Our customers love our product and they make it very clear to us. Our social media presence has exploded over the last 6 months because of the way people have responded to the Cloud Vaporizer Pen. We have a combined total of 50,000 people who follow and interact with us on our social networks. Cloud is not only a vaporizer; it has become a way of life.

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